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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Late-baroque Manor

Architecture Characteristics
It has two floors, it is shaped like a long rectangle with a high roof and is eleven windows wide. The exterior is very simple. It faces northwest, with a view of the castle. On the main fašade, slightly north of axis, is a brick porch over steps leading to a high ground floor. There are wooden porches above doors leading to the cellar at the ends of the main fašade.
It was built about two hundred meters south of the castle and its L-shaped plan forms the southwest corner of a large farm complex consisting of many buildings. The Zelina brook runs along the north and east perimeters of Bo×jakovna farm, a tree-lined drive leading up to the manor house forms the west boundary, and a grove and field form the south boundary. More recent descriptions of Bo×jakovina Manor or curia refer to this building of modest proportions and appearance whose fašade is different today from what it originally was in the late-Baroque period. It is built of brick with the addition of a little stone. The cellar and ground floor have barrel vaults, and the roof is hipped with one hip end and one partial-hip end. The entrance with a wooden porch faces east and the farm buildings. The park and the drive (see cadastral map) lie to the west and can be accessed from the house. The interior has not hanged much. Its main feature is a U-shaped staircase leading to the first floor, with two intermediate landings and a wooden banister twisted in the Baroque fashion. A corridor down the middle connects the rooms, where only some details still conjure up the former appearance of the interior, e.g. the light green historicist tile stove brought here from the nearby Őtakorovec Manor, the simple stucco medallions on the vaults of the first floor, some old doors with Baroque frames, and several fine old wardrobes.
Its dimensions are 10x8 m and it was designed around a central corridor leading to the rooms.

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