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Hrvatski dvorci


There are two stories about how it got its name. According to the first (which is possible, but has notbeen proved) the name of Božjakovina originated from the Templars who were allegedly called božjaci ( = men of God) by the local population, and who had a monastery and estate in today's Božjakovina. The second is a story about how The Lord, after drinking wine in a Božjakovina cellar, said, "Bože, jako vino" (God, what strong wine). Two events from Božjakovina's more recent past are interesting. On 24 August 1939 the Cvetković-Maček Agreement was signed in Božjakovina Manor. At the end of the nineteenth century the great Croatian politician Stjepan Radić, who had just graduated in law, came to Božjakovina Manor as tutor to the young Count Drašković.

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