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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Late medieval feudal town (burg)

Architecture Characteristics
Manor Slavetić is characterized by a density of volumes of different shapes and dimensions aroudn a small rectangular yard. It consists of the main, two-storey building Palas on the north side, a four-storey tower northwest to the yard, a one-storey west and a single-storey south wing serving as farm buildings, a one-storey east wing through which the manor is entered and a one-storey southeastern defense tower. This concept made the whole complex look very picturesque while at the same time being a good fortification thanks to the prominent density of elements, characteristic of medieval noble towns (burgs). The fortification was reconstructed and extended several times with the purpose of transforming it into a residential-rustic manor. Palas and the tower are the oldest buildings of the entire complex, as evidenced by the constitutive elements of the wine cellar, but even more so by the Ghotic windows in the western part of the Palas.

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