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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Jakovlje is baroque castle.

Architecture Characteristics
It was several times enlarged and altered and today three stages of building can be discerned. In the first stage a rectangular building with steps and a central courtyard and three rooms on either side. In the second stage (late 18 c) two lateral wings were added, the north-eastern, rear face was flat except for an insignificant central projection, and the main feature was the south-west facade of the old manor. At this point each wing had its own wooden staircase. In the third stage, most probably after the great earthquake of 1880 during which the manor was damaged, the central part of the building was given a new historicist facade, and a porch on the south-west (entrance) wall. The entrance hall was given a balustrade of unfired clay and an imposing stairway in high baroque but of no great architectural value.

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