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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Late Renaissance - early Baroque citadel

Architecture Characteristics
This is a four-wing building with an inner courtyard and corner prismatic towers, its concept a copy of the scheme of Renaissance citadels. Riječ je o četverokrilnoj građevini s unutrašnjim dvorištem i ugaonim prizmatičnim kulama, koja svojim konceptom ponavlja shemu renesansnih kaštela.
The present Old Town of Lukavec, even though belonging to a recognizable typological group, manifests certain atypical features, namely the prismatic towers, a steeple above the main entrance and the chapel of st. Lucy on the first floor under the steeple. A singular feature of this building is that it was never intended for dwelling - its main function was defense. It was also intended as the meeting place of the Turopolje spravišće - an assembly of nobleman from Turopolje, and was built to meet the purpose. Three wings have open galeries overlooking the courtyard, with the only enlcosed space being in the south wing - the spravišće chamber. Beneath the entrance tower, on the first floor there is the st. Lucy's chapel covered with Czech vault. All other valuts are cross- or barrel-shaped. The Old Town of Lukavec is an important example of the 18th centruy fortification architecture with reminiscencies of the Renaissance architecture.

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