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Hrvatski dvorci


The two-storey baroque manor house of Lužnica was built at the beginning of the eighteenth century, probably where an old castle had once stood. The year 1791 on the carved wood of the main wooden steps gives probably the date of considerable adaptation. The first owners were the Ćikulin family.

In the eighteenth century the Lužnica estate was divided between Count Ivan Franjo Čikulin and the Moscon family. The Moscons then bought up the whole estate and it became the property of Maksimlijana Moscon. Her husband, Deputy Governer Ivan Hyacinthy, left it in his will to the Zagreb Kaptol. Maksimilijana's sister, Julijana, contested this and began a law suit against the Kaptol. Lužnica finally came into the possession of Pavao Rauch, who renovated the manor house, perhaps rebuilding it in the year 1791 already mentioned. From that time it became the main seat of the Rauch family.

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