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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Baroque castle.

Architecture Characteristics
The ground plan is U-shaped. The main front faces south and the two lateral wings enclose a small entrance court. The main feature of the house are the circular towers on the outer corners, and the central projection on the south face. The towers never served for fortification but from the first were for living accommodation and were there to provide a "historical setting". The main inside hall projects out in front in the south wall onto a balcony surmounted by windows with accentuated frames. It also projects out to the north. The wrought ironwork of the balcony incorporates the initials of Levin Rauch, one of the owners of the manor. All walls have decorative mouldings and the ground floor is rusticated. On the first floor beneath the moulding over the window frames are varied male and female busts some of them caricatures. In the nineteenth century, in the inner corners of the court, there were some unsuccessful neo-Gothic additions.
On the first floor there is a small chapel of the Holy Cross. There are still several late nineteenth-century tiled stoves in the manor, a stone balustrade on the staircase and four late baroque, built-in, cupboards in the main hall with carved jambs.

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