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Hrvatski dvorci


Part of the avenue of horse-chestnuts and two plane trees are all that remains of what once were gardens. There are no details of these but they were probably planted in the second half of the nineteenth century, before 1862 and after the last renovations to the manor. Drawings from 1826 do not show a garden. The grounds around the house, including the garden, agricultural areas, the entrance avenue, and the vegetable garden behind the house were symmetrical in composition with accentuated central axis in the classical tradition. The approach was a long drive through a double avenue of trees of which the first part led through fields (200 m), the second through cultivated land (70 m) and finally came the garden, the house itself being protected by two semi-circular avenues. In front of the left wing was a circular flower bed and on the southern edge of the garden a small fish pond. The vegetable garden consisted of six beds of equal size divided by a central path. The garden was just over three acres. The estate, which lies 350 m north of the Bistrica stream, was once surrounded by meadows and ploughland.

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