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Hrvatski dvorci


Maruševec has a large garden. The gently undulating land where the lower slopes of Ivanec merge into the Varaždin plains afford fine views of fields, meadows, and surrounding forests. What is left around the house today is no more than a memory of what was down until the Second World War, a large English park. The greater part of the land was caught up in the land reform after the war and became farm land. At the same time a number of examples of marsh species, Caucasian and Greek firs and other rare conifers were eradicated. It is not known when the garden was planted. Before the romantic reconstruction of the castle in the second half of the nineteenth century there were most probably gardens round the old castle similar to those in the Patačić codex. The landscape garden was planted after 1877, that is, after the reconstruction of the castle. Oral tradition reports that the garden was refashioned in 1884 and 1900, which fits in with alterations made after the Pongratz family came into possession. It is said that the reconstruction was carried out to the plans of a well-known Dutch landscape gardner. Some of the oaks in the garden are several centuries old and are the remains of the original forest. The flower beds and fountain in front of the south entrance date from before 1930. An old photograph from the beginning of the twentieth century shows that there was then a meadow there. Besides indigenous trees there are a number of exotic varieties: Colorado and Algierian firs, ginkgo, Caucasian and thorny spruce, pterokarija, American horse-chestnut etc.
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