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Hrvatski dvorci


The manor was built on what was once the Susedgrad-Stubica domain. The first known owners were the Zrinskis. After the execution of Petar Zrinski in 1671 the estate passed to the Ćikulin family who had recently acquired other estates in the neighbourhood including Susedgrad and Lužnica. Susedgrad was then known as Stari Dvori (Old Castle) and below it they built a manor which they called Novi Dvori (New Castle). Through marriage Novi Dvori came into the possession of the Sermage family, rich and powerful nobles who owned many manors and estates in the Croatian Zagorje. They first renovated the manor in the middle of the eighteenth century. The next owners were the Festetićes and after them the Erdodys. In 1852 Ban Josip Jelačić bought the manor from Aleksandar Erdody for 175,000 florins. It remained in the Jelačić family until 1934 when Countess Ana Jelačić, the last member of the family, died. She left the manor to the Croatian people and founded four endowments for various charitable purposes. After the death of Ban Jelačić, from 1859-1863 the manor was administered by his widow Sofija nee Stockau. Following her marriage to Count Adolf Dubski the estate passed, according to Jelačić's will, to his brother Count Đuro Jelačić who had to pay Countess Sofija 30,000 florins. He pursued there an exemplary agricultural policy until his death in 1901. With his
death this branch of the family, which had the 34s attribute of Bužimski, died out in the male line.
Novi Dvori was inherited by his daughter, Countess Anka Jelačić, who continued his excellent running of the estate. She was the last descendant of the family and the last owner of Novi Dvori and on her death in 1934 the manor began to fall into decline and never more regained its old splendour.
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