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Hrvatski dvorci


No castle or manor in the Croatian Zagorje has inspired as many stories and legends as Veliki Tabor. It is enough to look at it from the road in to valey for the imagination to stir. The story about Veronika Desinićka, who was said to have been walled into the thick wall above the Knights' Salon, between the pentagonal keep and the entrance, is centuries old. Of the several versions of the story the one that is heard the most often is that about the young Count Fridrich Celjski, who had his wife Elizabeta, the only daughter of Prince Stjepan I Frankopan, murdered because of the beautiful Veronika. When he heard of this, Fridrich's father Herman Celjski had Veronika strangled in Veliki Tabor, and then built her body into the wall. There is another story about Veronika Desinićka, but this tells that she was a sorceress who saved Taborgrad from the Turks. The Turks broke through the defense wall and arrived below the castle itself. Veronika was at the window cutting straw into tiny pieces. When the Turks approached, she threw the straw at them and it turned into a swarm of angry hornets that drove the Turks away. Let us record another story, before it is forgotten. It is often legend, but sometimes true, that Zagorje castles had underground passages leading to the nearest watercourse. For many years no one knew where the tunnel in Veliki Tabor was. The problem was solved by a goose that fell into the well in the castle court at the time when Veliki Tabor belonged to the nuns. From the well thirty-one metres deep the goose found the tunnel leading to the stream in the village of Košnička Gora. Children are still searching for the exit near the stream, but it has got lost again, probably until some new goose appears.
Although a lot of this never happened, stories are gladly told and listened to. They will help visitors remember Veliki Tabor much more than dates, names or other tiring data will.

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