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Hrvatski dvorci


At the beginning of the eighteenth century Začretje belonged to the Keglević family, who probably built the old curia that was later incorporated in the northern wing of the new manor. When the estate was divided in 1743, Petar Keglević bought the house from his brother Aleksandar. Petar died young and left the estate to his wife Marija Ana Walpurga, daughter of Count Janko Drašković, and his daughters Katarina and Josipa. When Marija married Petar Troilo, the Sermage family became the owners of Začretje. Three generations of the Sermages lived in Začretje and added to the old Keglević curia in several stage. At the end of the eighteenth century they finished the magnificent new manor worthy of their position and wealth. In 1832 Countess Henrieta Sermage married the Prussian General Count Ernest Schlippenbach. Their oldest son Artur renewed Maruševec. In 1887 Henrieta sold the estate of Začretje to Baron Janko Vranyczany-Dobrinović.
In Sveti Krž Začretje Janko Vranyczany and his wife Franjica Sladović from Velika Erpenja formed a large domain which they ran with success. Vranyczany joined the lands of Šanjugovo and Puhakovec to the domain. Šanjugovo, several kilometres to the east of Začretje, used to belong to the original Začretje domain, but when this was divided it became the property of Baroness Antonija Rauch née Countess Sermage who lived in Stubički Golubovec.
Following the end of the Second World War, the manor was put to various uses, among others as a cinema, elementary school and residential building. In 2001 it became private property and is currently under restoration as a cultural and social centre (Institute for IT Innovations, congress center, etc.).

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