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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Its style is late baroque Classicist

Architecture Characteristics
Manor houses that have two wings are not rare in the Croatian Zagorje, but their ground plans are always L-shaped. The V-shaped ground plan, like the one in Začretje, is unique. Although the house was not all built at once but during the whole eighteenth century, and two main stages of buildings can be discerned, its ground plan and architectural composition show it was an integral space and was skilfully integrated into its immediate surroundings. To the older northern wing, that stretches in the northsouth direction, a new wing was added in the northeast-southwest direction, and between them rises a domed semi-tower.
The ground plan is very simple on both floors: a gallery stretches along the back (western) side leading into rooms that look out on the main (east and south) fronts. The older wing is twelve windows wide and the newer wing eight windows wide, and their facades match each other. The court front is enlivened by semi-circular ground-floor windows and rectangular first-floor windows, the same as the ones on the garden front. The main facade is restrained and stiff, and is given plasticity by hood moulds and projecting lesenes. The main accent on the facade is the semi-tower that links the two wings of the mansion. Its ground žloor is a square base surmounted by a balcony. In the first and second floor the semi-circular tower has four Doris piers.
The house is entered from the court, in the axis of the semi-tower. An L-shaped staircase leads from a two-storey antehall of irregular shape; vaulted with a series of vaults. The antehall, like the whole house, has today been largely remodelled because of the various uses the house had been put to after the war, like cinema, primary school, block of flats, etc. A sixty-metre-long drive through an avenue of horse-chestnuts leads to the entrance. At the beginning of the drive stands a large garden portal with double pillars of different height decorated with diamond-shaped decorations. The portal is the easternmost point of a narrow and long town square on whose western end stands the entrance to the church.
The manor and its estate buildings, which include a simple one-storey baroque granary and the ground-floor cow-shed, determined the historic agglomeration of the settlement. Začretje's manor and church formed the architectural backbone, the two ends of the square around which all the other buildings are grouped.

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