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Hrvatski dvorci


The manor and its landscape park were originally designed in the Baroque style, which can be read from its situation in the surroundings and especially on the cadastral map from 1860. This is most striking in the long tree lined walks and paths placed geometrically in relation to the house. Especially outstanding are three tree lines: one perpendicular to the east facade (the main approach) and two parallel with it, of which one is the continuation of the regional road and leads to the manor entrance, and the other to the centre of the village and the parish church. There used to be a flower garden of about 800 m2 in front of the manor house, and south of it there was a small park of about one hectare. South of the park was a garden (see cadastral map). The description from 1731 makes no mention of a park but does mention a vegetable garden with a pavilion, and an orchard east of the vegetable garden. In the nineteenth century the vegetable garden was turned into an ornamental romantic-historicist park. To the south it had a vegetable garden, to the north the south wall of the manor, and there was a cross-shaped building (perhaps an orangery) placed exactly along its axis. The east and west edge of the garden were planted with trees. This is what it looked like in the mid-nineteenth century.
The neglected surroundings of the manor house (park, garden, orchard, tree lines) were renewed in 1956 but without honouring the historical values and traditions of garden architecture. A new park was laid out on the meadow north of the approach to the house, where it had not existed before. Of the old trees only some spruces remain, all the rest are newly planted trees and shrubs. In 1970 a small lake was made in the park in front of the manor and a memorial by the sculptor E. Bohutinski placed there to commemorate the war orphans’ camp during the Second World War.

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