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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Late-medieval-Renaissance castle (Wasserburg) soraunded by moat

Architecture Characteristics
In the Middle Ages, Kaptol Castle consisted of two parts. The outer or chapter castle was the fortification for and included the chapter settlement, which mostly consisted of canonical and other mansions. The ruins of the inner or provost’s castle still stand. This was the home of the provost (the head of the chapter, appointed by the Pope), and also housed the canonical council hall and the collegiate church of St Peter. When the Turks came the provost’s castle was used to house the garrison.
The inner castle was built in about 1500. It is late-Gothic-Renaissance in style and has a moat, as was usual in the second half of the sixteenth century. Similar castles were built in Dubrava (near Vrbovac), Čazma, Cernik and Gvozdansko. The plan of Kaptol Castle is an irregular hexagon. It was entered from the south across a drawbridge and through a square gate tower; the entrance was walled up in the Baroque period. Three angle half-towers with ground-floor loopholes have been preserved, and there are traces of a similar tower under the sanctuary of the eighteenth-century Baroque church of St George with a bell tower, built on the site of the old Gothic collegiate church of St Peter.

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