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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Rasinja manor have characteristics of historicizm

Architecture Characteristics
This was a ground-floor curia of about 12x54 m, its longer axis in the north-south direction. Later two two-floor buildings were added to the north and south ends, giving the new manor an H-shaped plan. According to the Rasinja Parish Memorial Book, this reconstruction, in other words the construction of Rasinja Manor, took place between 1883 and 1885, when Baron Ferdinand InkÚy owned the estate. Some building material from the ruins of Opoj Castle was used to build the manor. When Rasinja Manor was completed Rasinja Castle was deserted and gradually began to deteriorate. Rasinja Manor was built in the late-historicist style. The facades had a combination of neo-Renaissance, neo-Baroque, Neoclassical and neo-romantic decorations. Between the two world wars the old ground-floor part of the manor was pulled down, leaving the north and south buildings as self-standing structures about forty metres apart. Today it can hardly be made out that they belonged to a single building. After the ground-floor part was removed, a room with a ground-floor terrace was added to the north fašade of the larger south building. This building is two storeys high, with a rectangular ground plan and with a considerably altered south fašade on which all that remains of the original building is a balcony supported on pillars and an entrance portal. In the interior the ante hall with a staircase and wrought-iron banister, and ceiling paintings and floor tiles remain of the original building. The smaller north building is shaped like a long rectangle and its interior was considerably altered. These two buildings, the remnants of the former manor, have been greatly spoiled because they were not put to suitable use and because of great alterations made in the last five decades.

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