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Hrvatski dvorci

Gardens in history

The surrounding garden was planted after the building was finished, about the middle of the nineteenth century. The classical spirit is evident in the symmetrical layout. Three paths led from the main road to the house. The entrance was on the eastern side. The carriage entrance ran south of the garden, thus dividing it from the agricultural areas. The garden was about 3 acres. Beside the main entrance and along one of the three access paths was an avenue of trees which is no longer there. The 1924 cadastral map shows changes in the garden. The three entrance paths have disappeared as has the carriage way from the south. There is a new carriage and pedestrian entrance from the north which is mildly serpentine to cope with the slight rise of the ground. The garden had been extended eastwards, and included part of what had hitherto been agricultural land. It is not known what led to these changes which must have taken place between 1860 and 1924. Today a number of trees are outstanding in the garden for their age and stately beauty: lime, copperbeech, horse-chestnut, plane and a group of spruce.
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