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Hrvatski dvorci
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Legal Notice

Descriptions of some of the castles and some photographic material were reprinted from the following books:

  • OBAD ŠĆITAROCI, Mladen (1991) Dvorci i perivoji Hrvatskoga zagorja, Zagreb, “Školska knjiga”
  • OBAD ŠĆITAROCI, Mladen (1992) Castles, Manors and Gardens of Croatian Zagorje, Zagreb, «Školska knjiga»
  • OBAD ŠĆITAROCI, Mladen; BOJANIĆ OBAD ŠĆITAROCI, Bojana (1998) Dvorci i perivoji u Slavoniji – od Zagreba do Iloka, Zagreb, “Šćitaroci”
  • OBAD ŠĆITAROCI, Mladen; BOJANIĆ OBAD ŠĆITAROCI, Bojana (2001) Manors and Gardens in Croatia – Slavonia from Zagreb to Vukovar, Zagreb, “Šćitaroci”

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Additional picture sources:

  • Aleksandar Novković
  • Diana Pečkaj-Vuković
  • County Archives


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