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Hrvatski dvorci


Gorica is a Late Renaissance fortification built at the end of the sixteenth century, but never finished. Gorica was part of the Kostelgrad domain. Kostel was first mentioned in the 1334 list of parishes of Archdeacon Ivan, and Kostelgrad Castle in 1398, when it became the property of the Princes of Celje. Later it was owned by the Vitovac family, Johannes Corvinus, Markcount Juraj of Brandenburg, and in 1523 it became the property of the Keglevićes, who remained its owners until its destruction. When Kostelgrad became too constrained and uncomfortable for them, and unnecessary as a defense structure, they began to build Gorica manor which remained in their possession until 1883. Then the last descendant of this ancient Croatian noble family, Count Oskar Keglević, sold Gorica to Antun Kaučić, whose family still own it.

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