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Hrvatski dvorci


The grounds around Gorca consisted of a landscape park of 3,068 square metres, as the first entry in the 1887 landbook shows, and a parterre flower garden in front of the house of about 430 square metres. The park was formed from an indigenous wood of durmast oak (Quercus petraea) and hornbeam (Carpinus betulis), which stretched from the north up to the manor in the form of a long, narrow arm. The park has a lake with an islet. The whole estate has been spoiled by the new road that passes right beside the house and crosses part of what used to be the flower garden, thus dividing the manor house from the farm buildings and the park. It is not known when the park was laid out. An analysis of historic sources suggests that it was planted during the nineteenth century. Although the entrance drive leads right beside the lake and through the southern part of the park, the whole park is nevertheless separated from the house, which is a rare example of park location. The kitchen garden, on the contrary, was right beside the south-eastern wing of the house.

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