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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Gornja Stubica is a two-storey baroque castle

Architecture Characteristics
Its ground plan is L-shaped and together with the medieval castle it surrounded an inner courtyard. The western wing eleven windows wide leaned on the older structure, and the main northern wing fifteen windows wide continued at right angles from it. Both the wings had an open arcaded gallery along the courtyard. The outer walls, along which the rooms lie, are simple, with rhythmic fenestration corner rustication and minimum decoration.
The main wing has the slightly jutting projection of the central hall and an entrance portal with two loopholes, and the western side wing an elegant nineteenth-century neo-classical portico with a tympanum and Doric columns and a chapel window that differs from the other windows. The rooms in the house are vaulted; in the ground floor they have barrel vaults and in the first floor trough vaults. The corridors end in Czech caps.
The manor has a well-preserved chapel with illusionist frescoes and a baroque altar. The nave is one storey high, and the sanctuary zone two storeys high. It is entered from the ground floor, and the first-floor corridor leads to the choir added later. The ground and first-floor parts of the chapel end in Czech vaults. A dome was painted on the sanctuary vault in skilful perspective, and on its pendentives the allegoric presentations of four continents with costumed figures. The chapel altar also has wall paintings showing altar architecture, in the middle of which is St Francis Xavier.

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