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Hrvatski dvorci

Gardens in history

Gornja Stubica probably did not have a garden as did most of the Zagorje manors. We come to this conclusion on the basis of the cadastral map of 1861 which shows no trace of a garden, nor are there any traces of one in the area around the manor. There are only some horse-chestnut trees in front of the main entrance that were part of an approach avenue 440 metres long. The manor was surrounded by an orchard part of which continues into a vineyard in the west and most of it into a forest of durmast oak and hornbeam with some imported evergreens:
It is difficult to imagine a manor built in the middle of the eighteenth century without a park. It is even more difficult to understand that no trees have survived if a park did, indeed, exist. However, it can be believed that no park was necessary here because of the outstanding view that the site affords of the Stubica valley and the northern slopes of Medvednica. The surrounding landscape is, in fact, a great park in all the seasons, which it would have been difficult to replace by any manmade arrangement.
A garden was laid out around the manor in 1973. Decorative parterre beds were laid out beside the house, while the rest of the area around the house and the Peasant Revolt Memorial was turned into a landscape park.

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