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Hrvatski dvorci


In the Middle Ages Laduč was part of the great Susedgrad and Stubička domain, the estates of which extended from the Zagreb mountains to the river Sutla. It was then part of the Brdovec commune. In the sixteenth century there was a manor farm in Brdovec and in the seventeenth century ten country houses were built, among them Laduč and Januševec. During the seventeenth and the early eighteenth century thirty families of the gentry lived in country houses in the Commune of Brdovec. After the breakup of the Susedgrad-Stubica domain many of these families established estates of their own. Brdovec and St Vitus' church were the centre for many of these landed gentry (Laduč, Luznica, Januševec etc.).
We know very little about the building of either the original or the present Laduč, it is only referred to in passing in written documents. Last owners of Laduč were the important aristocratic family Vranyczany-Dobrinović, and the last owner of the estate was Baroness Tilda Vranyczany. It was a family that had an outstanding place in the commercial, political and cultural life of Croatia in the nineteenth century and which owned a number of manors and castles in the Croatian Zagorje right down to the Second World War.

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