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Hrvatski dvorci


The original garden dates from the days of the old manor, before the present building was constructed. As can be seen from the 1862 cadastral map a parterre garden covering over to acres in size was laid out in front of the house and behind was a landscape garden covering the hill slopes. The gardens were surrounded by vineyards. When the present house was built at the end of the nineteenth century the gardens too were redone, especially those in front of the house. A 1918 gouache shows the difference between the formal garden then and in 1862. It was a geometrically laid-out garden with flower beds and clipped hedges.
The southern approach to the house was through a parterre garden. To the east and west of the formal gardens there were agricultural outbuildings, still partially preserved. Also to the west of the formal gardens there were kitchen gardens divided by paths into eight beds. On the northern edge of the kitchen gardens, where they bordered with the landscape park, was a conservatory. In the gardens behind the house was a lake. Only two garden sculptures are left, personifications of the seasons, now in the Brdovec heritage museum.

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