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Hrvatski dvorci


On one hill there are still traces to be found of medieval Castle Lobor mentioned in 1259 when Queen Maria gave it to her son Puchyninov. Later it changed owner many times - the Princes of Celje, Jan Vitovac, Jakov Sekelj and in 1504 Franjo Berislavić to come finally to Petar Keglević, Ban of Croatia 1537-1542.
At the end of the sixteenth century the Keglević family moved out of Castle Lobor and built themselves a new residence in the lowland north-west of Zlatar. Count Oskar Keglević was the last heir of this once famous Croatian family. In 1905 he sold Lobor and his other estates in the Varaždin region and moved to Zagreb where he died. The manor was bought by a Jew who sold it again. The new owners divided up the land and sold it to peasants. In 1921 emigre Russian doctors lived there, but were moved by the government. It was then used as a hospital and for years was empty. It was at that time owned by Stjepan Kovačić who wanted to sell it for building material but could not find a buyer. An offer was made by the state who wanted to buy it for a police barracks, but Kovačić asked too high a price. Today the building is empty because home for the old and disabled has moved out 2004.

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