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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Early baroque castle

Architecture Characteristics
The early baroque manor of Lobor is a large four-storey building with four walls of unequal height forming a square interior courtyard. The walls were built at various periods. Oldest is the north wall dating from the seventeenth century. The southern wall was added in the eighteenth, not later than 1760. The dates 1770 and 1776 appear on the chimneys showing that considerable additions were then made. The main (south) wing has 12 windows with full baroque characteristic, rusticated stone at ground-floor level and pilasters in the central extension with its richly decorative Ionic half-capitals and garlands. Other walls are similarly decorated though less. The entrance porch is carried on four paired columns and added in the neo-classical period. The north and east interior courtyard walls are arcaded with Tuscan columns.
The chapel of the Holy Trinity, a two-storey nineteenth century addition, juts out from the
eastern wall. It has a black wooden steeple "as sooty as a beggar" as Matoš described it. The steeple reminded him of "the fur-cap of a Croatian nobleman above a suit of pure French or Florentine cut". The chapel is barrel vaulted and decorated with painted figures. The apse has altar architecture painted on it and the wooden balustrade of the choir stalls leading up to the first-floor gallery are neo-Gothic.
Frescoes showing mythological scenes were common in eighteenth century manors and on the first floor there is a wall painting of Phoebe driving a four-in-hand with the Muses in the chariot.

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