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Hrvatski dvorci


Baroque and Classicism are paramount in the buildings and layout with a pronounced central axis and symmetrical arrangements, but the surrounding park was relatively small and departed from classical symmetry. It is not known whether there was a baroque garden around the building. For garden or park we have nothing to go on but historical records none of them earlier than the middle of the nineteenth century. The old cadastral map shows that the park had two separate parts: a landscape garden round the house and a decorative garden to the west, probably the remains of a Renaissance garden associated with the old castle. The landscape garden was about three acres, it surrounded the house on three sides and extended down to the Bednja stream. The decorative garden was about 1 acre, geometrical in shape but obliterated by later building. At the end of the nineteenth century the manor entrance and the area between the two outbuildings functioned as an entrance court. At the end of the nineteenth century this was fenced round, was given an entrance gate and trees were planted. All this was effaced during the Second World War.

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