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Hrvatski dvorci


Tales of the Martijanec manor begin in the middle of the eighteenth century, when Gabrijel Gotal lived there. He was the last descendant of the old aristocratic family which, during the time of Johannes Corvinus, owned many estates. After Gabrijel's death in 1740 Martijanec was owned by the rich Count Patačić. The last male Patačić, Bartol Patačić, Governor of Požun, and founder of the Martijanec elementary school, died in 1817 in Martijanec. After the death of her husband his widow, Eleonora Patačić, bequeathed the rich Patačić family library to the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb. The estate was then supposed to come under imperial administration, but Baron Pavao Rauch, owner of the nearby estate of Lužnica, took it by force. As a descendant of the family of Baron Gotal he inherited the neighbouring curia in Vrbanovac and considered himself the rightful heir to Martijanec. After a law suit with the Crown Rauch was forced to pay 31,000 silver florins. Martijanec was inherited by Pavao's son Danijel and later his son Đuro, who built a second floor onto the eighteenth century building, giving it its present appearance. Đuro had no issue and he left his property to his nephew Pavao, later Croatian Ban. After his death in 1916 Martijanec was inherited by Pavao's daughter, Elizabeta, and her husband Vuk Vučetić Brinjski. The Vučetić family owned the manor until the end of the Second World War. During the second half of the 20th century it was put to various, mostly inappropriate uses. At the begining of the 21st century castle is renovating for new owner for cultural and turistic usage.

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