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Hrvatski dvorci


The garden was most likely planted after the house had been built, early nineteenth century. The cadastral map of 1909 shows a garden which can still be partly discerned. It was large, over six acres, and consisted of three parts: the entrance park north of the building, flower gardens alongside the south front and gardens south of the house. The entrance park was about 50 x 150 metres and lined by an avenue of spruce. The semi-circular flower bed in front of the south face can today be seen only on photographs. The park had two main areas: a horseshoe-shaped, forested zone at the edge and a large central meadow. It had a large number of trees, both indigenous and exotic such as black walnut, Douglas fir, Greek fir, Caucasian fir, thorny spruce, Caucasian spruce, giant sequoia etc. A large number of trees were planted in recent decades, and only a small number are old.

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