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Hrvatski dvorci


Opeka was part of the Zelendvor domain and came to the fourth line of the Drašković family. They inherited through Marija Magdalena Nadasdy, wife of Ivan IV Drašković who completed Klenovnik in 1667. He first lived in a small one-storey manor in Zelendvor, built by Franjo Nadasdy. When the Draškovićes built a new house in Opeka and moved there Zelendvor was converted into an agricultural estate. The last male of the fourth line of the Drašković family was Count Franjo (died 1857), who was married to Klotilda baroness Kulmer. In 1852 their only daughter, Ferdinanda, married Count Marko Bombelles (1830-1906) and they thus inherited Opeka and Zelendvor. Details concerning the old French aristocratic family Bombelles will be given under Zelendvor manor.

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