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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Baroque castle (late baroque Classicist)

Architecture Characteristics
It extends U-shaped around three sides of a court and the central block facing north-east is larger and has a much higher roof than the smaller and narrower side wings. The stables were built after the house and when the annexes to the side wings of the house were added, as well, the inner courtyard was completely closed in.
Oroslavje Donje, which was built at the end of the baroque period, introduced a novelty into the earlier baroque plan of Zagorje manors. Instead of the usual arcaded gallery in the courtyard, in Oroslavje Donje the gallery runs down the longitudinal axis of the central block, which made it possible for rooms to be placed on either side of it. The main feature of the ground-floor plan is a large entrance hall leading to the courtyard. The staircase starts in the entrance hall and leads to a large antehall that in turn leads to the first-storey grand hall. The principal rooms face outwards. There are several types of interior vaulting, barrel vaults on the ground floor, Czech vaults in the gallery and entrance hall, trough vaults in the first-floor rooms.
The facade is in the late baroque neo-classical style. The ground floor is decorated with horizontal bands of stylized rustication, and the first floor with a rhythm of pilasters and window frames. The main facade is eleven windows wide and has a shallow pedimented projection with a fine portal in the ground floor. The courtyard fronts are simple with a string-course dividing the storeys and simple window frames.
The grand hall vaulted ceiling has allegoric wall paintings from the eighteenth century. The illusionist architectural figure composition shows a balustrade running around the edge and the figures of Greek and Roman gods and heroes, including the winged Mercury, under a slightly cloudy sky. The wall paintings in the other first-floor rooms and in the gallery were painted in the nineteenth century. The great hall also has the last late baroque neo-classical stove still left in the manor, decorated with floral and fruit vines.

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