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Hrvatski dvorci


It was first mentioned in 1552 as a small wooden fort owned by Krsto and Vladislav Vragović, owners of Maruševec. The lowland brick burg of Križovljan-grad was built in the 17th century. This can be seen from the Renaissance elements visible in the disposition and size of the building, in its interior and in certain architectural details. Radovečki Križovljan was the main seat of the Bakić de Lak family. Through matrimonial connections it came into the possession of Šandor de Paszthory. One member of his family was Deputy Governor of the Varaždin District in 1773. Through the marriage of Elizabeta Paszthory, the last member of the family, Križovljan-grad became the property of the Varady family, its last owners. In 1949 the house caught fire and has since then, in spite of repairs, gradually decayed.

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