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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Early baroque castle

Architecture Characteristics
Today this large two-storey manor does not give the impression of a Renaissance castle. Its Renaissance wasserburg character is shown by the remains of a moat that was spanned by a wooden drawbridge. Today the moat has been filled in where the bridge once stood, but in the house, above the entrance, several of the pulleys used to raise and lower it still remain. Radovečki Križovljan has some very rare and valuable Renaissance architectural ornamentation. Especially outstanding is the Renaissance portal with reliefs showing sirens, mascarons and vines, which leads into the great hall on the first floor. The great-hall window frames have reliefs with festoons and draperies and figures of noblemen, noblewomen and peasants in seventeenth-century clothes. The main portal is baroque. Tie balcony supported on pillars on the northern facade was added later.

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