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Hrvatski dvorci


An important feature of the manor is its large landscape park with fine views of the Drava. The grounds cover 55 acres, half of which are meadows and the rest small woods and parkland around the house. The lawns have fine groups of trees and solitary oaks, and the whole is a classic example of a landscape English park with many picturesque views. There are many indigenous trees, but also rare ones and crosses with exotic species.
According to some sources, the park was laid out in about 1800, and rearranged in 1869. The 1859 cadastral map shows that the park area immediately around the house was about 3.2 acres. The paths were placed concentrically around the house, recalling the position of the moat. To the south of the manor, slightly displaced from its axis, runs a path around which was planted a geometrically organized garden and orchard. In 1869 the park around the manor was lengthened in the north and extended almost to the Drava. Its ground plan can be seen on the 1911 cadastral map.

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