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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Baroque Classicist manor

Architecture Characteristics
The old curia was its core, and traces of it can be seen in the W equal ground-floor vaulting, traces of subsequently walled-up courtyard arcades on the first floor, the broken outer facade, traces of older work on the facade, etc. The house has two storeys and a very elongated ground plan with two short side wings.
The ground floor had eight rooms, four small rooms and a kitchen, and the first floor had twelve residential rooms entered from a long vaulted gallery along the western front. Only the fireplace in the Hunting Room and the stucco ceilings have been preserved. The main (eastern) front of the house faces a decorative parterre garden, and its main entrance is from the courtyard (in the west). The eastern face is nineteen windows wide. The ground floor is separated from the first floor with a profiled string-course. The first-floor windows have baroque plasterwork frames, and those in the ground floor are placed inside blind arcading. Above the stone portal in the middle of the eastern front there is a small balcony entered from the main salon. The western front is accentuated by a projection whose central part protrudes into the courtyard like a small wing. The first storey of that central projection is the Hunting Room and the ground floor is arcaded and contains the entrance. In the gable of the central projection, exactly above the entrance, stand the Drašković family arms with nine fields, of great heraldic importance.
The house and surrounding estate buildings show that they were built in several stages. An annex was later added to the southern side wing, holding a chapel whose apse projects outside the line of the southern front. The chapel was painted by J. Brolo in 1878. Today it has no furnishings or wall paintings. Facing the western front of the manor is a large vaulted stable for 24 horses with a granary on the first storey, built at the same time as the house. The well-ordered estate also included a wooden shingle storehouse for tools, equipment and hunting gear, a large shed for over one hundred head of cattle, a wooden granary, smoke-house for cheese and meat and other accessory buildings.

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