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Hrvatski dvorci


Zajezda was the main seat of the Patačić family, an old family of the Croatian landed gentry that came to the Croatian Zagorje from Bosnia at the beginning of the sixteenth century. The Kanotay family bought Zajezda manor at the beginning of the nineteenth century from Bartol, the last male member of the Patačić family. When Katarina Kanotay, the older daughter of the last male family member, married Count Vilim Oršić, Zajezda became the property of the Counts Oršić-Slavetić. In 1877 Marko de Halper-Sigetski bought Zajezda from Viktor Oršić for his only son Vladimir, married to Baroness Julijana Vranyczany-Dobrinović. The Halper family had moved here in the middle of the eighteenth century from Hungary. Besides Zajezda, in the nineteenth century the Halpers owned Turnišče and Škarićevo. The most prominent family member was Vladimir's father Mirko Halper, manager of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb.

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