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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Baroque castle

Architecture Characteristics
Zajezda was built by an unknown Styrian architect in about 1740. It has great architectural importance because it is an early example of the open mature baroque manor in northern Croatia. A novelty is its ground plan, which shows the influence of Austrian architecture. The U-shaped ground plan surrounds a court that is walled from the fourth, western side. In the centre of the wall is a large baroque portal, built in the second half of the nineteenth century. The ground plan is simple : the courtyard fronts have an open arcaded gallery with Czech vaults leading into rooms whose windows are on the outer fronts. The great hall is on the first floor of the central block, on the axis of the entrance portal. The ground-floor rooms have barrel vaults, and those on the first floor have trough vaults. The vaults have stucco decorations, in most cases foliage on the bosses and rocaille in the corners.
The outer facades have rustication on the corners, and the only features on the wall are the windows: twelve on the central block, six on each of the side wings and three on the frontal ends of the wings. The courtyard facades have large arcades on both the floors, the central building has five arches and the wings two each.
At the end of the northern wing, its width identical to that of the gallery and its windows facing the courtyard, is the chapel. It is very small, two storeys high and ends in a Czech vault that rests on corner pilasters. The first-floor gallery leads to a small, convex choir.
Until the forties of this century a simple small tower used to rise from the roof above the chapel. The chapel used to hold the altar of St Paul from the Church of St Mark in Zagreb, removed from that church when it was restored after the 1880 earthquake. Today that altar is in the Historical Museum in Zagreb.

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