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Hrvatski dvorci


When first built, it was a Wasserburg type of castle, a lowland fortification surrounded by water ditches which are now filled up with earth and made green, but their contours remained visible. Archival materials say the castle-citadel was built by viceroy Matija Gereb between 1483 and 1489. When it was finished, the seat of the LipoveŔki estate was moved to Jastrebarsko. In the first half of the 16th century Jastrebarsko estate came into the possession of the Erd÷dy family and with it also the manor, staying in their possession until 1922. In the meantine the manor underwent some changes as well as enlargements, as evidenced by the historical data and the years engraved on the stone slab above the main enntrance. In the 18th century, the period of great construction momentum, the manor was transformed into a Baroque building, with archades with segmented arches and columns with the entasis. A photograph of Jastrebarsko, preserved from those times, shows a manor with four towers, surrounded by a large estate with numerous farm buildings. In 1922 the castle was bought from the counts Erd÷dy by the wholesale merchant Ehrman who soon afterwards declared bankruptcy and so in 1936 the castle was put for auction. It almost got sold as a source of building material but the municipal government of the time intervened and prevented its demolition.

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