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Hrvatski dvorci


Style Characteristic
Reneissance - early Baroque manor-citadel

Architecture Characteristics
The manor is a four-wing building with an inner courtyard decorated with archades along all four wings. Of the four cylindrical towers at each corner, two have been preserved in entirety, whereas of the other two only the substructure was found. All four wings have double-pitched roofs, whereas the towers have cone-shaped ones. The manor's spatial conception is based on the longitudinal sequence of rooms along the corridor overlooking the inner courtyard. Most rooms have barrel-shaped, arched ceilings with susvodnica, whereas the corridors were given cross-shaped vaults. The outside walls, of wings and corner towers alike, were flat and given ryhytmicity with window openings without architectural plastic. The castle is in a very bad condition: the roofing and part of the roof frame are damaged, while the roof above the staircase has fallen in. Part of the interior mezzanine construction has also fallen in, windows and lead roofing are damaged and the whole castle is exposed to weathering factors. The building is in need of urgent repair, particularly the roof, parts of the basement and peripheral walls.

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